Day 1 of my new morning routine

I started the day full of optimism, today was after all day 1 of my 21 day challenge. And an adventure! Who knows what will be by the end of the 21 days. Will I come out of this with a new habit? Will I be able to continue on with these healthy habits for the rest for the foreseeable future? Will I be able to wake up at 5am on daily basis? And better yet will I become productive at 5am in the morning? As I’ve been in poor health since March, my sleep patterns were all over the place. And with difficulty sleeping overnight I tended to fall asleep around 3am or 4am or end 6am. So often I did not wake up until the afternoon. Or if I did wake up in the morning, it was only to go to the bathroom and then because I was so lightheaded and tired, I would go straight back to bed again.

Thank you for joining me on the beginnings of my new routine, today, day 1 of my 21 day challenge. I am just trying to figure out what I should be doing first thing in the morning. And I am doing this challenge to try to get healthy. So I am still doing what my parents recommended to me years ago, that is to drink apple cider vinegar. So I’ve got some apple cider vinegar here, that I’ve added to my glass of water. I used cold tap water. But you could add your cider vinegar to boiling water if you prefer a hot beverage. The apple cider I use is referred to as ‘mother of’, it is raw, cold pressed, organic apple cider vinegar. This is the very first thing I drink. I start off with a plain glass of water. And then after that I have my glass of water with apple cider added to it.

I was watching a video with Marie Forleo, interviewing Robin Sharma. It was about his new book about the 5am club. So yesterday, I was so inspired that I actually managed to get up at 5am in the morning, but I was a little bit too tired to do much else, so I gravitated straight to the couch and went back to sleep again! But today, after watching these different videos, on yoga and stretching and Pilates, I’ve decided to try them out today for the first time. I’ve been watching them plenty. I’m quite good at siting on the couch and watching people do yoga or exercise, but, today I’m actually going to try it out for myself. So I will let you know how it goes.

In this video, by Boho Beautiful, it is a 10 minute video on beginners Pilates, so I will give it a go. I’ve got my Pilates mat here which I purchased years ago. When I first moved to Bedford, I was in the rowing club there, and it had been a while since I had rowed, and so all the exercise I did, did terrible things to my back, and I got a really really sore back. So what I did was I joined the local Pilates class, and I went there either once or twice a week. I was recommended to go there because Pilates is good for your back. And I was actually quite sceptical but I had nothing to lose. I really in a lot of pain, but I didn’t want to give up rowing, just because my back hurt. I was so pleased I went. I did the Pilates until my back healed up, and then I stopped going … which is a shame really. It is a good thing to do. And these videos at home are quite useful.

At 2.50mins into my video I started playing the Pilates video by Boho Beautiful. If you want to follow along at home too with this Pilates video, then the Pilates with Boho Beautiful YouTube video link is at Are you going to give the Pilates a try too?

At 6.34mins into my video I move onto yoga. I heard that yoga is very good for breathing as well as meditation. Today I am trying out the Yoga with Melissa West. If you want to follow along at home with the yoga then Melissa’s video on YouTube is at You can watch the videos on YouTube on your tablet or smartphone, if you can’t get YouTube on your TV. What I really like about the videos from Melissa is that she does her yoga outside in nature. In the forest. So it is lovely to see the scenery, of Mother Nature. This video is a 20 minute beginner yoga for posture. I am a beginner. This is all new to me.

For the remaining part of my 20-20-20, I learnt some new things by watching some educational videos on YouTube. After lunch I got some fresh air with a short walk outside. So that was one goal achieved, to get outside for some air. I also achieved some more goals by returning a couple of phone calls.

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