My new morning routine

Having struggled with ill health over the last month or so, I suddenly found myself with the time and opportunity to watch the television. Except that there was nothing on the tv that interested me. So I was delighted to discover that I could watch YouTube on my television set. And the content available on YouTube was so educational. Some of my favourite videos have been by Marie Forleo and Marissa Peer. And I have learnt so much too by watching interviews.

When I watched a video from Marisa Peer on structure and setting goals and rewards, I was inspired to follow her example. So I set about looking for some achievable goals, given my health is not the best yet. So I found some easy goals, like picking up the telephone, which I just couldn’t do when I was really ill. And another goal I discovered was to set up a good morning routine. A video interview of Robin Sharma by Marie Forleo about the 5am club was fascinating. This involves a 20/20/20 rule first thing in the day, with exercise, meditation or yoga, and learning something new.

I am sharing with you below the links to the videos I am referring to, in case you are interested to watch them for yourself.

Robin Sharma

Robin talks about his new book the 5am club, and how to elevate yourself to the next level.  Is this moment in time perhaps your opportunity to re-invent yourself? To learn a new skill, to put a new habit into practice. 

At 4.40mins into the video Robin says “on the other side of the fear is your freedom”.  Work effectively so you can rest without guilt.  

At 30.29mins, they discuss the importance of taking time off.

At 32.17mins, Robin explains the 60/10 method, where you work like crazy for 60 minutes then rest for 10 minutes to recover before starting again.

Source:- Video at

Marisa Peer

At 7.43mins into this video, Marisa said after you have put in the hard work, you can then enjoy with satisfaction your treat, whether that be relaxing on the couch in front of the tv, or getting yourself something delicious to eat. 

Marisa suggests to get structure for your day, to set goals, and to do the tasks you really don’t want to first thing in the day, to get it out of the way.  

At 13.47mins, Marisa advises to use your time well. Work out. Cook. Study. Help others too. 

At 14.16mins into the video Marisa says to communicate what you are learning, what you are doing … your potential expands as you move to it.

Source:- Video at –

Pandey Healthcare

At 0.44mins, all our emotional suffering is due to our thoughts.

Source:- Video at

Eckhart Tolle

Source:- Video at –

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3 thoughts on “My new morning routine

  1. Sorry to hear about your health and hapy to hear you are back at blogging. Praying you continue to heal and looking forward to reading your blogs.


  2. I can’t wait to watch these Videos and to implement them into my daily routine. Have a Blessed day and I look forward to following you on your blogging journey.


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