Day 17 of my new routine

Welcome to Day 17 of my 21 day challenge to establish a new daily routine of meditation, exercise and learning.  


Today I started the day with a short breathing exercise and prayer time. Then I did a guided meditation from Kristen Martin on moving through your anxiety and fear. The YouTube link is


Today I completed Day 6 of the 21 day meditation challenge that I started earlier this week with Sura Flow. Today’s mediation was a quick 5 minute video.
Learn something / do something new

During a telephone conversation I had a few days ago with a close friend of mine, she explained to me how important journalling is and she has always written in her journal each day, for many many years. 

So it occurred to me that since I am currently doing my 21 day challenge to get a new routine, it seems to me to be a perfect fit for me to incorporate journalling into my daily routine, and to make an effort to give this a go. So today I began journalling, day 1.


For my exercise today I regrettably did not find the time to go outside for a walk. I really wanted to do some chores around the house as they desperately needed doing. I didn’t get much done but at least I made some progress and that is helpful as it motivates me to get more chores done tomorrow. But by the time I was done with that I had no energy left over for going out for a walk and besides it was also dark outside so no longer a sensible option.

To return to today’s video, view the blog here:-
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