Peaks District Runaround

29 August 2011

Its the end of the Bank Holiday Weekend.  As the cliche goes “how time flies …. when you’re having fun!”   It was a wonderful treat for me when another close friend came up to visit.  We (the two kiwi girls) had great fun exploring the countryside and into the peaks district!

We began the weekend with some culture and history.  We admired the Derby porcelain from the 1700’s in the Derby Museum (click here >>).

Then there was the incredibly old log boat, the vivid paintings of Joseph Wright  (click here >>).  We ended our tour with a startling visit to the Egyptian Mummies (click here >>).

The next day we donned our coats, packed the umbrella (just in case!) and laced up my walking boots.  We had a rather “long” walk up to Keddleston Hall.  It was a tiring walk, but well worth the view!  Usually I just walk around the outside in the park land annd the garden.  But this time we went inside the house, and “wow” was all I could say.  The poster inside the foyer explained that the hall was created to “show off” and to impress.  And they achieved their objective 100%.  To see more on Keddleston Hall click here >>.

On the last day of the holiday we drove up to Chatsworth House.  My friend wanted to  meet Darcy, you know, Colin Firth … he’s very popular!  And his “home” in the Pride and Prejudice movie was Chatsworth House.  While there, I couldn’t resist a visit to the Carriage House restaurant for some eaton mess ….. ummmmmmmmmm  (click here >>).  For more on Chatsworth House click here >>.

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