Heaven Bent Gospel Choir

Heaven Bent is a gospel choir based in Auckland. My friend Nancy sings in the choir, and I have had the privilege of enjoying their music cds over the last few years and I follow their progress with much interest. This morning I enjoyed watching another of their performances on TV this morning. If you’reContinue reading “Heaven Bent Gospel Choir”

I am my brother’s keeper

Tales from the Kava Bowl Present Suli Moa’s A Heart’s Path “I am my brother’s keeper” Directed by: Kate-Louise Elliott, Assistant Director: Matariki Whatarau Produced by: Natalie Malietoa-Moa From the writer of “Kingdom of Lote”, Suli Moa presents his second play; a contemporary Tongan tale, that takes you on a journey through the obstacles ofContinue reading “I am my brother’s keeper”

Five bands …

The Allestree community were gathered in the local hall this weekend for a fundraiser for the CRY charity. It was a very well attended event, and the variety of bands was impressive. We missed the first band unfortunately, but I heard they were a brilliant opening act. The highlight of the night, in fact wasContinue reading “Five bands …”

The name of the insect is …

Did you guess the name of that green insect? I put photos of the green insect on this blog seven days ago. It reminded me of a grass hopper. Then name of this insect is … “Grillo”. And it is … a grass hopper! So as we are in Italy, they call this insect Grillo,Continue reading “The name of the insect is …”