Peaks District Runaround

29 August 2011 Its the end of the Bank Holiday Weekend.  As the cliche goes “how time flies …. when you’re having fun!”   It was a wonderful treat for me when another close friend came up to visit.  We (the two kiwi girls) had great fun exploring the countryside and into the peaks district! WeContinue reading “Peaks District Runaround”

Keddleston Hall Walkabout

5 August 2011 The heat was upon us yet again.  Yet we managed to go for a walk nonetheless, armed with our essential sun glasses.  Walking up and down hills, and past lots and lots of cars (it is holiday time after all) we eventually made it to our destination – Keddleston Hall. The walkContinue reading “Keddleston Hall Walkabout”

Alice picnics at Keddleston Hall

Saturday 22 May 2010 A lady stood at the entrance gate to Keddleston Hall and waved us through.  The sign next to her in large black letters said “Food and drink fair”.  The reason we decided to go to Keddleston Hall today was to take advantage of the good weather, enjoy the grounds of KeddlestonContinue reading “Alice picnics at Keddleston Hall”

Keddleston Hall in the Spring

Tuesday 18 May 2010 Today I was back again at Keddleston Hall on a field trip for my photography club.  We were very fortunate to have very good weather.  The sun was disappearing and returning as the clouds came and went and so the shade changed constantly and it made it a little more difficultContinue reading “Keddleston Hall in the Spring”