Meditation Coaching

Meditation Online Coaching

These sessions will occur virtually over zoom, which means you can be based anywhere in the world to take part. This is ideal for people who:

(1) want to learn meditation and establish their own personal practice;

(2) would like to receive meditation coaching to achieve their personal intentions/goals; and

(3) are willing to commit to 8 sessions that will be approx 45 mins in length.

These sessions will include a combination of meditation guidance and professional coaching. If you are interested in receiving meditation coaching from me, then please ask them email me at Tell me a little about yourself and what you would like to receive coaching for. We can then set up an introductory videochat to see whether we are a good fit to work together.

The coaching is not teaching, or talk therapy or counselling. Instead, the coaching incorporates asking you questions as you discover your intentions and goals. After each coaching session you will receive an email outlining your action steps for the next week and due dates. You will also receive mp3 audios of short meditations and affirmation mantras created just for you to listen to on the go. And we check in with you during the next coaching session to hold you accountable to your intentions/goals.

What’s included in your 8 week coaching package:

1) Videos to introduce you to meditation and develop your mindfulness skills;

2) 8x 20 minute LIVE group meditation circle and Q&A with Alice;

3) 8 x 45 minute LIVE 1-1 individual coaching sessions with Alice; and

4) Daily morning pages/journalling to complete.

Your coaching appointment will take place at the same time each week, for a total of eight weeks. Within 24 hours of your coaching session, you will be sent homework to complete. This is based on the intentions/action steps and due dates you identified during your coaching session. Your homework is due the day before your next coaching session. We will review your homework before we meet again in order to keep you accountable and will discuss this during your next session.

We will facilitate your progress as you navigate life in it’s new and exciting landscape. As you are free to see new possibilities and experience new adventures. The weekly investment during this eight week programme is approximately 1.5 hours. We offer a limited number of scholarships based on need.

Published by Alice Letts

Online training for parents and children. Online piano and music tutoring. Online tutoring for English as a Second Language (ESOL) with an emphasis on pronunciation. Online meditation coaching for parents and how to incorporate meditation into daily family life.

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