Day 2 – Focussed Awareness Meditation

Welcome to day 2 in Week 1 of this 12 week Meditation Challenge.Be sure to log into your course now to watch today’s video. Course Login For today you will continue with the focus awareness meditation. As you saw yesterday in Day 1, all you need to do is to count backwards. For example, inContinue reading “Day 2 – Focussed Awareness Meditation”

Day 1 – Focussed Awareness Meditation

Welcome to week one of this 12 week meditation challenge: This week you will be learning how to create your very own meditation – the focus awareness meditation. Be sure to log into your course now to watch today’s video:- Course Login. You will see that this meditation is simple, and easy to do. AllContinue reading “Day 1 – Focussed Awareness Meditation”

Music & Mindfulness – no.2

Saturday 13th March 2021 Today we look at calming music for bedtime routines. Tonight I share the tune and words from “All through the night”. Michael has very kindly shared this music for free from his website at I finish this music and mindfulness session with a loving kindness metta meditation. For anyone whoContinue reading “Music & Mindfulness – no.2”

Music & Mindfulness – no.1

Welcome to the very first of our weekly series of music and mindfulness circles. Today I shared some of my favourite music for relaxing. And I also shared some excerpts with you from the meditation book “Sura Flow”. Today’s focus was on meditation and emotions.

Guided Meditation Circle

Do you get caught up in the busyness leading up to Christmas? Things often get extra hectic at this time of the year. And we have less than two months now before Christmas Day. The children especially get very excited about now as they dream about what they want Santa to bring them. And theyContinue reading “Guided Meditation Circle”