Top 15 Women’s Networking Groups (NZ & UK)

It is a well known fact that going into business as a sole trader or small business owner can be isolating.  Much has been said on this topic.  An internet search will bring up many results.  For women it can often be more challenging, with the demands of being a daughter, being a wife, and being a mother.  Throughout the UK, New Zealand, the Pacific, and beyond, there are many membership organisations offering in person or virtual online networking and support.

Here is a list of the top 15 across New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

New Zealand Women’s Networking

  1. The Venus Network (for more details click<here>)
  2. Professionelle (for more details click <here>)
  3. Ladies who lunch seriously (for more details click <here>)
  4. Her Magazine (for more details click <here>) and Her Business Networks (for more details click <here>)
  5. PACIFICA (for more details click <here>)
  6. The Women’s Institute WI (for more details click <here>)
  7. Rural Women NZ (for more details click <here>)
  8. Soroptomist International SI (for more details click <here>)
  9. Pacific Graduate Women’s Network (for more details click <here>)
  10. NZ Federation of Graduate Women (for more details click <here>)
  11. Dress for Success (for more details click <here>)

United Kingdom Women’s Networking

[12]  Athena – Women in Business Network (for more details click <here>)

[13]  Wire – Women in Rural Enterprise (for more details click <here>)

[14]  New Zealand Business Women’s Network (for more details click <here>)

[15]  Dress for Success (for more details click <here>)

Do you know of any more?

There are no doubt many many more women’s organisations out there.  If you  are aware of any, please add them to this post by writing a comment.

I know there are many other networks and membership organisations and business support services out there.  If you have the details handy, please add them below to the comments box.

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