Why I decided to join Avon

I’ve taken a good look into Avon and have become seriously impressed with what I learnt. The product range is diverse that it reminds me of shopping from a department store like Farmers store or Marks and Spencer’s. As they stock shoes and handbags, jewellery and clothes too. They also stock other brands including FrenchContinue reading “Why I decided to join Avon”

Can you join the dots?

Do you recall the article I posted a few weeks ago?  The puzzle I gave you was the popular business one called “Join the dots”.  How did you get on? It may take a few tries and retries to figure this one out. You may try to connect your lines to create a box.  HoweverContinue reading “Can you join the dots?”

Grants for training

  At Letts & Associates Limited, our mission is to educate and empower you with the knowledge and confidence to accelerate your success. In this time of austerity and the need to be careful with our pennies, many people neglect to invest in themselves.  But can you really afford to miss out on the opportunityContinue reading “Grants for training”

Take time out for a good laugh

Training has many benefits.  Not only will you increase your knowledge and gain new skills.  But if you attend group classes then its a fabulous opportunity to meet new people and have a good laugh. I spent today at another training sesssion, and it was great fun to meet the others in the class.  YouContinue reading “Take time out for a good laugh”

Selfish or Selfless … which do you choose to be?

  I came across this brilliant video from John Maxwell. In this video Maxwell discusses what it is to be selfish, and the opposite, being selfless. Maxwell defines selfishness as the trait of someone displaying immaturity. Selflessness then is displayed by someone who is mature. Remember we have the freedom to choose how we wantContinue reading “Selfish or Selfless … which do you choose to be?”