fun times with family

Saturday 24 April 2010

It had been nearly seven months since I last saw anyone from my family.  So you can imagine, it was so lovely to be able to catch up at last on Saturday.  We popped over for dinner.  We had the most lively greeting from our little dog Goldie.  Goldie was so excited, and he was jumping up and down with glee.  I think Goldie is the most adorable little dog, and I was so pleased to see him again too.  Goldie is a lhaso apso.  Here he is trying to get the attention of my  husband.

There were some gorgeous flowering plants on the deck as well as inside.  If only I could manage to look after flowers in pots.  I seem to be okay with the green plants, but when it comes to flowers they just seem to shrivel up and dry out.  Ahh, so I’ve been told that is what happens when you forget to water them!

 There was a light breeze but it was still warm enough for us to sit outside for dinner.  Then later we spent the next couple of hours filling each other in with all the changes since last year.

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