Thomas Spencer-Wortley Performs in Derby

You may have noticed but over the lasts couple of weeks I have been going through my old notes from a few years ago, as I transfer my blogs across from two other sites to consolidate onto this one blog at ‘Alice Stories’.  This article refers back to 2009.  It was a bright and beautiful day in Derby (UK) when Thomas Spencer-Wortley was stationed outside the HSBC bank singing with his friends playing the violins and the cello.

I first saw Thomas singing in the town in 2009 as I walked through town. It was a rare occasion indeed to hear someone in town singing opera!Soon I discovered that the reason for Thomas’s busking tours are to promote his new album called ‘Credere‘ that was released in 24 August 2009.

If you missed seeing Thomas in town but wanted to hear him perform live then he appeared at the Darley Park Open Air Concert the following Sunday 6 September 2009 in Derby. The concert started at 5.30pm, and at 6pm Thomas would sing the official Derby County Anthem to launch the concert. He was supported by the VIVA Sinfonia.

To see Thomas’s official video visit his website and click on the video tab. Under the biography tab you will find more information on his musical background. He spent five years studying at the Trinty College of Music in London and gained an honours degree in Music.

Thomas also did an interview below with Balcony TV London.

Most recently Thomas performed live in Derby on 18th of December 2011 at the Pride Park Stadium in Derby.
If you click <here> it will open up the video of ‘Credere’ that is the lastest release on his album.

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