Alice makes chocolate afghans & sponge cake

Thursday 31 December 2009 – PM It was 4pm and before we headed out for the day we helped my Mother-in-law to make the custards for the sponge cake.  The first custard was made that was a typical yellow colour and it was cooked with a lemon rind in the saucepan.        TheContinue reading “Alice makes chocolate afghans & sponge cake”

Alice learns to make a sponge cake

Wednesday 30 December 2009 Today we phoned EasyJet again to sort out our lost suitcase.  We had no luck, we were told the file is still closed.  They said they had sent messages to Naples airport but they had not received any response. The problem is that their file is closed because they said NaplesContinue reading “Alice learns to make a sponge cake”