Paihia ferry to Russell

It was early on Saturday morning, the 10th of December 2011 that we found ourselves sitting in a rocky boat. It was funny, or perhaps irony. As I had moments earlier boasted that I do not get sea sick. But that of course was based on my sea going experience being limited to large vessels.Continue reading “Paihia ferry to Russell”

New Zealand and United Kingdom Ties

With little over four million people living in New Zealand, then it seems a large number of these are living in the UK.  For latest statistics click here >>.  In 2001 there were almost 50,000 New Zealander’s living in the UK.  Of these, approximately 47% were living in London – well that is no surprise. Continue reading “New Zealand and United Kingdom Ties”

Everything you ever wanted to know about New Zealand

FAQ. Over the past few years, a large number of people have asked me questions about New Zealand.  I have come to realise that the questions I am asked are mostly about the same few subjects.  So below I have made my own FAQ (frequently asked questions) with information you may find useful. WEATHER Q.Continue reading “Everything you ever wanted to know about New Zealand”

Lourdes and Virgin Mary in Paraparaumu

A  MARK  OF  FAITH What could Paraparaumu possible have to link it to France?  The answer happens to be the large statue on the hill overlooking Paraparaumu of the Lady of Lourdes.  We have been talking about Lourdes at home recently.  A close friend of mine is going to be in Italy in September, andContinue reading “Lourdes and Virgin Mary in Paraparaumu”