Alice counts the days to Christmas

Its hard to believe it is the end of another week already, and today especially has just whizzed by.  It was non stop for me, and so intense that by the end of the day I had the most persistent and painful headache.  To top it off the road where I worked was blocked andContinue reading “Alice counts the days to Christmas”

Alice dreams of Rotorua

  The population of Rotorua is just under 70,000 people.  Around 35 percent of the population are Maori, and you will notice a number of Marae’s around Rotorua.  If you are interested in culture, then you will have a treat.  There are a number of activities you can take part in, including the hangi whichContinue reading “Alice dreams of Rotorua”

Farming in New Zealand

Here is a photo of a farm somewhere in the South Island of New Zealand between Christchurch and Queenstown. Do you know exactly where it is? You can see the Southern Alps in the background. Below is a close up of the farm house. The cows have found some shelter under the trees. Is itContinue reading “Farming in New Zealand”

Alice reads Italian papers on the NZ referendum

Schiaffoni ai figli, in Nuova Zelanda un referendum per riammetterli Its been a while now that people have been muttering about the anti-smacking law in New Zealand.  The idea behind the ‘anti-smacking’ law was surely to prevent child abuse, but the law to the opposite extreme.  There then became problems in society because parents hadContinue reading “Alice reads Italian papers on the NZ referendum”