Inspiring Derby Week 2012

Music Theory  Wednesday, 27 June 2012: 1.00pm – 2.30pm We are taking part in the Inspiring Derby Week 2012 with our introduction to music theory workshop £2 held this Wednesday 27th of June at 1pm.  To book your place contact Studio Mills at or telephone 01332 – 594170 leaving your name, number and emailContinue reading “Inspiring Derby Week 2012”

Rhythm and note value games and exercises

(source:  The Piano Podcast with Mario Ajero accessed on 01/04/09).   Rhythm Games A video made by these students in the above video provides a demonstration of games to help pupils increase their rhythmic awareness and keep their attention.  These students are from the Stephen F. Austin State University. You can find more information on the SFASContinue reading “Rhythm and note value games and exercises”

Games and music theory

Resource Number 1:  Play the “Name the  Note” game If you are new to reading music, and feel you need more practise identifying the letter names of notes, then you will find this game on the Music Teachers website particularly useful and maybe even fun!  To play the game click <here>. It is produced byContinue reading “Games and music theory”

Drawing the Treble Clef

Here are some exercises that are good to try at home, to test and revise your skills in reading music.  For this first exercise, you will practise drawing the treble clef (also known as the “G” clef). Exercise 1: Get a blank piece of paper Draw five lines (horizontally) Number the lines 1-5 from theContinue reading “Drawing the Treble Clef”