Family fun day

As we walked through the park today I could not believe how many people there were. To say the place was crowded would be a wild under statement. I thought there must be every family with children from derby had decided to congregate at Markeaton Park. The children’s paddle pool was full of toddlers andContinue reading “Family fun day”

Alice recalls the Choo Choo Train from Kuirau Park

Chuga chuga chuga chuga choo choo!  That’s what I remember of the sound from the little train at Kuirau park many moons ago.  I have fond memories of going down to Kuirau park with my parents for picnics on warm sunny days.  There was a little train that went around the park, and the mostContinue reading “Alice recalls the Choo Choo Train from Kuirau Park”

Alice goes bird-spotting in Markeaton Park

It was another cold day today, but not cold enough to freeze the water on the ponds though.  We had a good walk today, discovering new places along the way, and by the time we had returned home more than two hours had passed.   I was pleased to realise that we had done a fairContinue reading “Alice goes bird-spotting in Markeaton Park”