Lourdes and Virgin Mary in Paraparaumu

A  MARK  OF  FAITH What could Paraparaumu possible have to link it to France?  The answer happens to be the large statue on the hill overlooking Paraparaumu of the Lady of Lourdes.  We have been talking about Lourdes at home recently.  A close friend of mine is going to be in Italy in September, andContinue reading “Lourdes and Virgin Mary in Paraparaumu”

Alice in Wellington

What happened to the wind?  Where was the rain and the miserable cold?  Its April, and supposedly Autumn.  And yet the sky is a beautiful bright blue and the sun like a cheerful round orange. The temperatue was warm enough that I could wear short sleeves.  It is the day before Anzac Day so the main streetsContinue reading “Alice in Wellington”