My favourite 6 pieces of jewellery from Michal Negrin

I mentioned in an earlier blog post my introduction to Michal Negrin.  I was at the Zohar gift shop at the Mount (Maunganui) when I first encountered the jewellery of Michal Negrin.  The sheer feminimity of her work.  The intricate little flower details.  Ohhhhh, I just couldn’t get enough of Michal Negrin’s designs.  Absolutely beautiful!Continue reading “My favourite 6 pieces of jewellery from Michal Negrin”

Alice’s black vintage glamour

Lately I’ve been spending too much time at home making jewellery.  Its become a bit of an obsession, and I’ve discovered I enjoy making jewellery so much so that it is difficult to drag myself away from my little studio.  I am very pleased with my latest creation, I have just finished making a jewellery setContinue reading “Alice’s black vintage glamour”