Day 17 – Body Scan Meditation

Body Scan Meditation Welcome back, and thank you for joining me today for day 17 of this 12 week challenge. Today we explore the relationship between the body, mind and soul, and walk you through how to create your own guided meditation for the Body scan meditation. To download a transcript of this guided meditation,Continue reading “Day 17 – Body Scan Meditation”

Day 12 – Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations Welcome back, and thank you for joining me today for another day in this 12 week challenge.   We’re nearing the end of week two where we have been exploring positive affirmations.   In the book I shared with you yesterday called “Sura Flow”,  Sura states that positive affirmations can be healing.  Continue reading “Day 12 – Positive Affirmations”

Guided meditation for centering

Guided Meditation Welcome, and thank you for joining me.  My name is Alice and I will be guiding you in this meditation for Grounding and Golden Sun Meditation.  You will benefit from re-gaining a feeling of grounding centering.   In this mediation we will start with deep breathing for relaxation.  Then we move into a guidedContinue reading “Guided meditation for centering”

Guided Meditation Circle

Guided Meditation Circle – No.1 – Friday 6th November 2020 Hello, and welcome to the first in the series of guided meditation circles.  This is the first in our series of weekly meditation circles as we lead up to Christmas.  Today we are doing a grounded and golden suns meditation, that should last approximately  11Continue reading “Guided Meditation Circle”

Guided Meditation Circle

Do you get caught up in the busyness leading up to Christmas? Things often get extra hectic at this time of the year. And we have less than two months now before Christmas Day. The children especially get very excited about now as they dream about what they want Santa to bring them. And theyContinue reading “Guided Meditation Circle”