Alice hides from the farm dog & spies on the buffalo

Sunday 3 January 2010 Buffalos       The dog           This is a very happy and energetic dog.  I do not know what is the name of his breed, but he is a very fast funner.  Wherever I went in the farm this dog would suddenly appear out of nowhere, he is very lightContinue reading “Alice hides from the farm dog & spies on the buffalo”

Alice works up an appetite

Sunday 3 January 2010 Brilliant day today, the sun is out and the sky is a brilliant blue.  We passed by a charming house, and the children’s playground area reminded me of the playground I used to enjoy in my own backyard when I grew up.    In the morning we went for a walkContinue reading “Alice works up an appetite”

Farming in New Zealand

Here is a photo of a farm somewhere in the South Island of New Zealand between Christchurch and Queenstown. Do you know exactly where it is? You can see the Southern Alps in the background. Below is a close up of the farm house. The cows have found some shelter under the trees. Is itContinue reading “Farming in New Zealand”