The duck race

It was Fei’s birthday celebration in town. After a gorgeous meal at the Jack Rabbit cafe in Irongate, we walked down to the Riverside to watch the duck race. There was a little market set up, a children’s play area and a fundraiser for the Society of the blind. Some companies had sponsored plastic ducksContinue reading “The duck race”

Alice in Melbourne

Was it a weekend trip to Australia?  I wish!  I have been to Melbourne in Australia but that was quite a few years ago now.  This weekend, I went to Melbourne (in England).  It was very interesting there, the history especially.  The little lake behind the church was very beautiful and peaceful too.  The weatherContinue reading “Alice in Melbourne”

Alice’s restaurant review: Ye Olde Nags Head (Castleton, UK)

Reviewed by Alice Letts It was as if the four of us had fallen from the skies and blasted through the doors into the restaurant.  Faces from every person seated at tables throughout the room had their eyes fixed on us, almost piercing with their glare, and their mouths had opened into oval shapes.  IContinue reading “Alice’s restaurant review: Ye Olde Nags Head (Castleton, UK)”