Alice finds the poem Desiderata

I was going through more old papers and I managed to track down the poem for Desiderata.  I had always believed it was anonymous, but reportedly written in the 1600’s.  But I have also heard that Desiderata was copyrighted in the 1920’s by lawyer Max Ehrmann.  There is a gorgeous video on Desiderata that isContinue reading “Alice finds the poem Desiderata”

Alice sends greetings for Mothers Day

In New Zealand it is now Sunday 9 May 2010 and this is the second Sunday of May.  That means, it is also the day to celebrate Mothers Day.   In another twelve hours it will also be Mothers Day in Italy, and in Singapore, amongst others.  I do not know what it is like toContinue reading “Alice sends greetings for Mothers Day”