Alice’s restaurant Review: The New Watermargin (Derby, England)

Reviewed by Alice Letts It was a Thursday evening and I was surprised to see the restaurant was full except for one table.  Then I realised this place must be well known and already popular.  I could not believe that I had never been here before.  Of course the reason for that was because theContinue reading “Alice’s restaurant Review: The New Watermargin (Derby, England)”

Plans for the weekend?

This weekend in Derby, UK, a massive event will be held at Chaddesden Park called the ‘Big 1’.  It was originally due to be held earlier this year in June, but was postponed due to heavy rain.  They had expected around 20,000 people to attend, so it will be interesting to see if there willContinue reading “Plans for the weekend?”

Fire and Rescue Show in Derby

Its the 21st of June today and in the UK it is the longest day of the year and their Summer Solstice.  A huge crowd are reported to have descended on Stone Henge to mark this occasion.  There were also big crowds down at Markeaton Park in Derby this weekend.  Yesterday was the start ofContinue reading “Fire and Rescue Show in Derby”