Alice goes for a power walk

I didn’t take any photos today, we had a short walk, but it was raining and cloudy.  These photos are from my lunch time stroll through to Darley Abbey park last Friday.  I’ve only now had the chance to finish going through these and shrinking them in size so they can be uploaded to thisContinue reading “Alice goes for a power walk”

Alices see blue and white

Am I talking about the colours of France?  Not this time.  On this occasion, I am referring to the gorgeous views that greeted me from the window.  The white frost over the garden brought back memories from home, and it really is quite amazing the wonderful feeling seeing a garden can have on you.  TheContinue reading “Alices see blue and white”

Alice learns “How to rise up again from failure”

It was a great start to the day, I had a good chat with my parents.  They told me about a sermon they had heard on TV that morning by Crystal Cathedrals, the Hour of Power.  This particular one was read by a Maxwell.  I do not know if or when they show this programmeContinue reading “Alice learns “How to rise up again from failure””