Can small business help us out of recession?

  It is an interesting concept isn’t it? In this radio call, James Caan of the Dragon’s Den cites the stats. He then said that if every small business in the country employed just one person then it would be sufficient to take us out of the recession. Interestingly, Caan also remarked that it isContinue reading “Can small business help us out of recession?”

Thinking Outside The Box

On the official website, you will find these excellent quotes, all of which are further defined on the De Bono website. “You cannot dig a hole in a different place by digging the same hole deeper” “In any self-organising system there is a need to escape from a local optimum in order to move towardsContinue reading “Thinking Outside The Box”

Alice dreams of Rotorua

  The population of Rotorua is just under 70,000 people.  Around 35 percent of the population are Maori, and you will notice a number of Marae’s around Rotorua.  If you are interested in culture, then you will have a treat.  There are a number of activities you can take part in, including the hangi whichContinue reading “Alice dreams of Rotorua”