Alice hides from the farm dog & spies on the buffalo

Sunday 3 January 2010 Buffalos       The dog           This is a very happy and energetic dog.  I do not know what is the name of his breed, but he is a very fast funner.  Wherever I went in the farm this dog would suddenly appear out of nowhere, he is very lightContinue reading “Alice hides from the farm dog & spies on the buffalo”

Alice learns to make buffalo mozarella

Saturday 2 January 2010 We went to Scario today to use the internet café.  It was closed however so a trip wasted unfortunately.  Apart from that we did not do much else, and spent most of the day indoors reading. It was fascinating though to see how mozarella cheese is made.  Giuseppe’s family have theirContinue reading “Alice learns to make buffalo mozarella”