Day 13 – Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations Today is day 13 of our 90 day challenge,and this week we’ve been working on positive affirmations. I’d like to just begin today by doing a short meditation. It’s going to be a focussed awareness meditation. So let’s begin. Meditation If you’d like to just find somewhere that’s comfortable to you, just gentlyContinue reading “Day 13 – Positive Affirmations”

Day 12 – Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations Welcome back, and thank you for joining me today for another day in this 12 week challenge.   We’re nearing the end of week two where we have been exploring positive affirmations.   In the book I shared with you yesterday called “Sura Flow”,  Sura states that positive affirmations can be healing.  Continue reading “Day 12 – Positive Affirmations”

Day 6 – Focussed Awareness Meditation

Focussed Awareness Meditation Welcome to Day 6 of the 90 day meditation challenge. Hello, i’m not sure if you can hear me it’s quite noisy in the background. I want to welcome you to day six of the 90 day meditation challenge. We’re still in week one and in week one we’re learning how toContinue reading “Day 6 – Focussed Awareness Meditation”

Day 5 – Focussed Awareness Meditation

Focussed Awareness Meditation It is a pleasure to have you join me here again. As you’ve been creating your own meditations for yourself over the last few days, today’s meditation will be another short one. Today, as in every day this week, we are creating our own focused awareness meditation. In today’s meditation we willContinue reading “Day 5 – Focussed Awareness Meditation”