Day 13 – Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations Today is day 13 of our 90 day challenge,and this week we’ve been working on positive affirmations. I’d like to just begin today by doing a short meditation. It’s going to be a focussed awareness meditation. So let’s begin. Meditation If you’d like to just find somewhere that’s comfortable to you, just gentlyContinue reading “Day 13 – Positive Affirmations”

90 Day Meditation Challenge

What is the challenge?With our 12 week beginner’s meditation challenge, you will receive 90 days of beginner meditation training. Who is it for?Beginners. Further DetailsCost: FREE between April and June 2021When: Daily.Start Date: Monday 12th April 2021. However, you may sign up for this challenge at any time during the month of April 2021.Where: OnlineWhat you will receive: An emailContinue reading “90 Day Meditation Challenge”