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This Parenting for Faith course is FREE to sign up to and will be held weekly via zoom for eight weeks. We start on the weekend of 8th May 2021.

Our Training Schedule

Week 1

Positioned for Influence

As parents, we are perfectly positioned and perfectly equipped to daily and easily show our child the reality of a day-to-day life with God – and God has shared with us in the Bible a simple plan for us to encourage our children into a vibrant, two-way relationship with God.Learn more

Week 2

Making Sense of Life

As parents and carers, one of the most powerful things we do is to help our children and teens make sense of the world so they can engage well with it. We give them a framework for navigating life. They need a spiritual framework, too, so they can learn to understand the world with God’s truth all over it.Learn More

Week 3

Unwinding Wrong Views

We can be so keen to help our children connect with God that we forget that they have to want to connect with him. No matter how equipped they are to connect, many choose not to because they find him unlikeable or unappealing. There are five common views of God that children can create in their heads which cause a disconnect. In this session, we’ll think about how we can accidentally contribute to these views and how we can proactively unwind them.Learn More

Parenting For Faith – BRF

Who is this for? You don’t need to be a parent to join – anyone who has an interest in discipling children and teens is welcome, including foster carers, grandparents, godparents, church leaders and family friends.
When: Weekly for a total of eight weeks. We will be meeting on the same day each week, at the same day and time as below.

Where: Online (via Zoom). And because it’s online, you can participate from anywhere in the world, meaning that even if you are travelling for work etc you can still join us.

UK – Saturdays at 9pm (GMT)

NZ – Sundays at 8am (NZDT)

Step 1 – We will watch the video for each week, in our own time, before we meet up in the weekend to discuss.

Step 2 – On the Saturday (UK)/ Sunday (NZ), we meet up on a live ZOOM meeting (maximum 20 minute duration) to share our feedback and discuss.

Start Date:  UK – Saturday 8th May 2021 at 9pm (GMT). NZ – Sunday 9th May 2021 at 8am (NZDT). If these dates don’t suit you, then you may instead want to find another course local to you. The weblink to find a course is here:-

Course Materials:  The handbooks for participants are available as a FREE download on the Parenting for Faith website. But if prefer to purchase printed copies of the handbooks as well as a DVD version of the course, you can find out these options here:-

How to access the videos:  To watch the videos in your own time you will need to create a ‘personal account’ which you can do so here:-

Community support: You may also want to join Parenting for Faith – BRF facebook page

Additional Information:  If you don’t like the idea of meeting live on zoom to chat, then you may prefer instead to enrol in the course directly from the Parenting for Faith website. You can then work through the course by yourself in your own time.

There are also a number of Parenting for Faith books available – you can find out more about them here. They also recently released some video sessions aimed at parents and carers of babies and toddlers, which you can find here.…

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Do you have questions about our mindfulness and music classes we offer?


What is the Sunday School Toolbox?
With our monthly live ZOOM sessions, you will receive 12 months of music and mindfulness to share with the children. This could be children at home, children at church, children at school, or children at The Girls Brigade and so on. Anywhere that children are and you are wanting to share the Christian culture and music and mindfulness.

Who is it for?
Everyone who has an interest in sharing music and mindfulness with children. There is focus on bible stories and traditional or popular Sunday school songs, mindfulness and craft activities.

Further Details
 FREE to attend the live training. That month’s workbook will be available to purchase separately for £5.00 that is a PDF download for instant access and also includes that month’s video to replay at your leisure.
When: Monthly.
Start Date: Weekend of 10th and 11th July 2021.
Where: Online. You will have access to the course website where you can download the accompanying workbook for each month.
What you will receive: 

(1) Workbook: Your own workbook as a PDF for instant download. Each workbook contains the bible story for that month, together with mindfulness and craft activities for the children to colour in and cut out etc. You will also receive a poster with the song lyrics, and sheet music for each song to sing along to with the children. In addition you will get access to the videos to play for your children and audio recordings. These recordings will include read-a-longs of the bible stories, together with children’s songs, and children’s prayers.

(2) Live Zoom Sessions: These 20 minute live zoom sessions are an opportunity to introduce you to the materials for that month. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have concerning the workbook that you’ve downloaded.

Benefits of the Sunday School Toolkit:
It saves you time, and is a handy resource especially for anyone searching for words to songs and the sheet music to play along with on the piano.

I’m interested but want more information
If you would like to learn more then please enter your details below and I will get back to you. You can use the box below to write down any questions you have for me.

What is the meditation challenge?
With our 12 week beginner’s meditation challenge, you will receive 90 days of beginner meditation training.

Who is it for?

Further Details
When: Daily.
Start Date: Monday 12th April 2021. However, you may join in at any time.
Where: Online
What you will receive: Access to the course website where each day (for the duration of the challenge) you will get a short video to use for your meditation that day. In addition, each week you will receive a PDF Worksheet containing the basics of the meditation that you are learning for that coming week. There is also space for you to write your answers to the meditation activities set for you that week.
Benefits of the challenge:
You will learn the basics of meditation.
You will be able to say your own meditations to yourself wherever you are, at any time of the day.
You will find your own space, your own peace and calm.
You will be equipped to create and say your own meditations to allow you to destress and relax.
You will establish a new habit where meditating becomes a daily routine.
You will use meditating and journalling to facilitate personal vision, goals and intention setting.

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How to Release Anxiety Through Meditation
How to Release Anxiety Through Meditation: A 3-day Mini-course.

Who is it for?
Everyone. Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious? Learn how to feel more relaxed and full of energy naturally. Receive mindful tools, practices & guided meditations for daily calm.

Further Details
 $99 USD.
When: Three days.
Start Date: Thursday 12th June 2021 (GMT) / Friday 13th June 2021 (NZDT).
Where: Online via Live ZOOM and the Course Website.

What you will receive: 

Video Lessons – 3 hours of LIVE webinar content with detailed slides.
Guided Meditations – LIVE guided meditations for relaxation.
Beginner’s Guide – A downloadable copy of the 42-page ebook “A
Beginner’s Guide to Meditation” by Sura Kim, founder of the Sura Flow
method you’ll be learning.

How to Relieve Stress & Anxiety:
Stress is one of our biggest challenges in our modern day society. Not only
can it lead to mental and emotional imbalances, it is also proven to be a factor
in many health conditions.

Are you someone who suffers from anxiety?
It’s not uncommon that people that are most prone to anxiety are sensitive in
nature. They tend to be empathetic people who feel deeply, especially the
problems and emotions of others. Anxious people tend to take on worry and
They often feel the impact of negative things more intensely, simply because
they are more sensitive. They may put others first before themselves and go
out of their way to make sure that everybody else is feeling well. Another key
trait is that anxious people may at times avoid conflict. They would rather
give their own energy or cross their own boundaries than stand up for
themselves, often at the expense of their own needs and desires.
Meditation is a simple practice you can use to begin relieving stress and
anxiety naturally.
If this sounds like you, then I look forward to serving you in releasing anxiety.
This course is for people like you, who are willing to put in the effort to
overcome anxiety once and for all.

Over the three days you will learn:

Learn about anxiety from an energetic point of view.
Let go of worry, fear, and anticipation by using energy techniques.
Develop new skills to manage your own anxiety and stress

If you’ve tried meditation before and it hasn’t worked for you, you’ll love the
Sura Flow method you’ll learn in this course.
We’ll meet on Zoom for about 1 hour over the 3-day journey together. And it
all starts 13th (GMT) / 14th (NZDT) June 2021.

What You’ll Learn
After going through this course you will be able to:

Understand why meditation doesn’t always work for anxiety.
Release worry, fear, and negative anticipation.
Use your sensitivity to strengthen your core.

The truth is that if you want to completely shift your anxiety, you need to work
at different levels.

Anxiety is energy
If you look at anxiety from a spiritual point of view, anxiety is simply an
energetic state. It’s a vibration. This course will empower you to release this
type of vibration from your energetic body. You’ll discover tools beyond
meditation that help you get to the source of your anxiety and release it more

Understand what triggers your anxiety and how to manage it.
Implement boundaries in your life to limit anxiety triggers.
Work daily with your inner-state of being and cultivate calmness.
Learn how to be autonomous from the energy happening around you.
Shift your thoughts away from a victim mindset to an empowered mindset.

Day 1
On day 1, you’ll learn about the key signs of anxiety, the common challenges
and how mindfulness meditation helps.

Day 2
On day 2, you’ll learn how to develop EQ (emotional intelligence) & heal your inner emotions using 7 mindful tools for releasing anxiety and inviting inner-

Day 3
On day 3, you’ll learn how to develop self-compassion through Metta
meditation. In this webinar, I also discuss the importance of positive focus, true
purpose and the power of choice in cultivating true peace.

To register your interest, complete the registration form below. And in the details box please state which of the above online courses you are interested in.

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Music and mindfulness for all the family

Your coach is Alice, who is a qualified further education lecturer.  She is CRB checked (enhanced DBS). Alice has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), New Zealand.  Alice has the Level 4 City & Guilds Certificate in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Sector (PTLLS) from Derby College (England).

Alice is dually qualified as a Solicitor in England and Wales and a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand.

She has completed management training and her enthusiastic and empathetic soul makes Alice a delight to work with.

Alice has a diverse background and experience in policy analysis, regulatory law and licensing law, employment law, conveyancing and commercial property. Alice began work in late 1993 and her first graduate job was in central government in New Zealand. In 2006 she moved to England to take up a role in local government before moving into private practice.


Alice knows her stuff and is always to hand to help when we need it.” Rudolph D.
“Being very thorough was a trait she had. ” Roman K.
She is a friendly and caring individual who is always helping others. Alice taught me so much” ​Raman D.
Hard working, sociable, patient but persistent when necessary, I would recommend Alice most highly.” David P.

The above are just a small handful of testimonials.  To read many more recommendations connect with Alice on her linkedin profile at:-

Connect with Alice on social media at our facebook page and join our facebook group meditation coaching with Alice.

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