Alice in the Old Town

Church of Our Lady Before Tyn (Old Town, Prague) In Czech it is called Kostel Matky Boží před Týnem and has played a prominent part in the city since the 14th Century.  The towers themselves are 80 metres high and there are four distinct spires.  It is a gothic style church on an impressive scale.  Continue reading “Alice in the Old Town”

Postcard from Prague

If you saw my earlier post on Le Patio you will have learnt that was my number one favourite place to go in Prague.  However there were many other great little cafes and restaurants there.  Too many to mention there.  However, I must n ot forget to mention Cafe Louvre.  Cafe Louvre was another cafeContinue reading “Postcard from Prague”

Alice in Le Patio

One of my treasured memories from Prague are my frequent visits to Cafe Patio and Le Patio Lifestyle.  They are one in the same.  You will see the entrance as you walk down Národní.  As you walk through the entrance from the side walk you will walk into the cafe/bar/restaurant area.  The cafe is onContinue reading “Alice in Le Patio”

Alice finds friends in Prague

I signed up to emails from RyanAir, and I was on the look out for specials.  Then one day I was fortunate enough to get a “free” flight from RyanAir, and the tax came to a £17 for the return flight.  My accommodation came to a total of £56 for my stay in the dormitoryContinue reading “Alice finds friends in Prague”