Getting back to basics with … Photography

  Some photography terminology, hope it helps. Flash => aperture Ambient light => shutter speed Flash meter => aperture reading Camera – manual – adjust ambient light Highest shutter speed you can use with the flash Nikon – 200th of a second.  Risk getting black line in photo that is the shutter blade. Rear syncContinue reading “Getting back to basics with … Photography”

Alice Attempts Photoshop

Today I was back in the classroom getting a severe headache as I tried to understand the process of photoshop.  It was another day in our photography class.  I was amazed at what seemed to be miracles that photoshop could perform.  But remembering how to do these things was not an easy task.  As ourContinue reading “Alice Attempts Photoshop”

Alice studies lighting

Today we learnt about lighting for photography.  We set up the lighting kit inside the studio to begin with.  Later in the day we went outside to set the lighting kit up there.  We used the reflector when necessary.  But to begin with we started with the light meter to determine what aperture we wouldContinue reading “Alice studies lighting”

Keddleston Hall in the Spring

Tuesday 18 May 2010 Today I was back again at Keddleston Hall on a field trip for my photography club.  We were very fortunate to have very good weather.  The sun was disappearing and returning as the clouds came and went and so the shade changed constantly and it made it a little more difficultContinue reading “Keddleston Hall in the Spring”