Pearl and Paua Perfection

Last night I enjoyed a very pleasant drive out into the countryside.  It was a gorgeous evening.  Although it was past 7 ‘o clock, the sun was out and the sky was blue.  The scenery, with the green fields, the cows, the sheep, and the gorgeous cottages, and the names like “Muggin’s Lane” made we wonderContinue reading “Pearl and Paua Perfection”

Do you know your birthstone?

Many people do not believe in things like birth stones and star signs.  While others take them very seriously indeed.  For me, I think they are a bit of fun, and are entertaining.  It reminds me too of the poem on the day of the week that we are born.  I have been looking forContinue reading “Do you know your birthstone?”

Weddings in the Spring

Spring time is often the most popular time to get married.  Like many before me, I also chose to get married during the Spring.  I had tried to avoid the hot sticky weather that you can get during summer.  But of course the weather cannot be predicted, as hard as we might try.  And although itContinue reading “Weddings in the Spring”

Spring blossoms

Spring is here. The weather may not be consistent. In fact it’s been incredibly varied. We’ve had snow. Now we have rain. Last week we had the pleasure of seeing the blue sky and some sun. Now that is what Spring is really all about. We had (yes past tense, as the rain washed themContinue reading “Spring blossoms”