Alice wonders why Paisley is famous amongst law students?

I jumped to attention at Church last week when I heard a lady there tell my friend that she came from Scotland, well Paisley to be exact!  I could not believe it, I have now met someone who comes from Paisley!  Paisley is well known to me from my early days at law school whenContinue reading “Alice wonders why Paisley is famous amongst law students?”

Alice discovers outdoors pursuits

It seems that Cricket is the quintessential summer sports of the English.  I had some lovely weekends at the cricket field myself with my Aunt Madge and Uncle David when I stayed with them in Windlesham, as they have a long family tradition of playing in and attending matches.  Picnics with strawberries and whipped cream certainlyContinue reading “Alice discovers outdoors pursuits”

Alice reads Italian papers on the NZ referendum

Schiaffoni ai figli, in Nuova Zelanda un referendum per riammetterli Its been a while now that people have been muttering about the anti-smacking law in New Zealand.  The idea behind the ‘anti-smacking’ law was surely to prevent child abuse, but the law to the opposite extreme.  There then became problems in society because parents hadContinue reading “Alice reads Italian papers on the NZ referendum”