Alice stuck – flights cancelled due to Gatwick snow

Wednesday 16 December 2009 I had a deep sleep and felt great when I woke up early the next morning.  I was too excited to sleep for long, and I did not want to miss our early morning flight to Italy.  Although we had arranged for the hotel reception to phone us at 6am toContinue reading “Alice stuck – flights cancelled due to Gatwick snow”

Alice takes off on holiday

Tuesday 15 December 2009 Today was the last day of work for us both for this year. It was a struggle as always to get everything done, but very exciting all the same. Today the temperature seemed hotter than usual, and so I noticed more the extremes between the heat of the room we workedContinue reading “Alice takes off on holiday”

Alice’s gorgeous butterfly

We were at Darley Abbey Methodist Church last Saturday for their Anniversary celebration.  There was an exhibition of photography, and  I had been asked to play background music on the piano between 10am to 12pm and again from 2pm to 4pm. My husband was very thoughtful and had packed a beautiful picnic for us, so that duringContinue reading “Alice’s gorgeous butterfly”

Alice likes to dance

Since I was a very small I have been very fond of dancing.  I began with ballet and then moved onto ballroom and latin dancing, including the Tango, then Meringue, and Salsa.  The most difficult of these couple dances for me was the Tango.  I do not know why.  I just love dancing.  When IContinue reading “Alice likes to dance”