Day 14 – Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Hello and welcome back to the 90 day of the meditation challenge.  Thank you for joining me.  Today is day 14 of our challenge.  It’s also the very end of week two of this challenge, where we have been exploring positive affirmations.  During the last week we have been exploring positive affirmations as a way to to bring a focus of positivity to our lives.  It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day trials and challenges and and it can actually be difficult to see beyond the problems that we’re currently experiencing.  So with  positive affirmations we are actually making a choice.  We are deciding that we are going to be searching for the good things around us, the good things in this life and the blessings.  And things to be grateful for.  Later on, I will lead us in a guided meditation and then there will be time for you to do some journaling.  The topics we’ll be covering today are self-compassion, how we talk to ourselves.  What about what we think, our thoughts in our mind?  Our thoughts come and go, and sometimes they come crashing all around us.  We have roughly 80 000 thoughts each day.  And for the vast majority of them, these are not terribly nice, for some reason.  We tend to do a lot of negative self talk.  The funny thing is that we can find it easy to be kind to other people, and we can show empathy to other people and want to help them out and want to be supportive and say lovely things to other people but when it comes to ourself, often for some unknown reason we can be really harsh on ourself.  So it’s a matter of remembering to be kind to ourselves to give ourselves unconditional love.  And if we really struggle with that, just imagine that we are back to when we were a little child and just imagine that if you’re thinking thoughts about yourself.  Just picture yourself as a little child that you used to be when you’re  three or four years old, how would you treat your three or four year old person?  How would you expect that you would be towards a 4 year old?  You would be gentle and kind wouldn’t you?  So try and remember to be gentle and kind to yourself too.  And also take the time out to do things that make you happy.  Do things hobbies and activities that give you give you some some joy and and satisfaction.

Our attitude is about taking the time out to to make the decision to be positive.  So we’re going to say positive affirmations and we’re also going to find three things to be grateful for.  So in this week’s workbook for week two you will see there’s a sheet here called gratitudes and positive affirmations.  You can either write in this if you’ve printed it out, or just simply get a blank piece of paper and a pen and write down three things that you’re grateful for.  Look around you, it could be anything.  And also note the reasons why and then also write down three affirmations for yourself.  It could be something that you have now or maybe something that you don’t possess yet.  It could be a feeling that maybe you don’t have now, but you really want to have it.  It could be as simple as saying as your positive affirmation “I am enough”, or “I am brave”, “I am courageous”.  And write these down, write down your affirmations and your notes.  Write them over and over until you get to the end of the page.  And just remind yourself in every moment, that you do have a choice.  We can choose how we react to whatever situation we are in.  And we can choose to go on with our day and to live our life with purpose.  And we can choose to create our own positive focus. 

Now I will lead us in a guided meditation a focused awareness one that we explored in week one of the meditation challenge.  By taking the time out to do a meditation that will empower us to choose to find some calm and some peace.  We will now take the time to have some deep breaths.  Breathing in and out.  We’re going to count down from five down to one.  Breathing in peace and  breathing out calm.  Find somewhere that’s comfortable to you, it could be sitting up straight.  Or it could be lying down and in your own time you may gently close your eyes.  

Five breathe in calm, breathe out peace.

Four breathe in calm, breathe out peace.

Three breathe in calm, and breathe out peace.

Two, breathe in calm, and breathe out peace.

One breathe in calm, and breathe out peace.

Now you may gently wriggle your fingers and toes, as this now brings our meditation to a close.  We can now take this time to set our intentions for the rest of today and tonight and moving in tomorrow.  Now ask yourself, what are the highest intentions that will give  you the most benefit?  So if you take your piece of paper and a pen, and you can write down in a column your intentions.  What you want to do and what you want to feel you would like to be achieving today?  What are your priorities for today?  Set down your your highest priorities, and then for the rest of the paper take the time to write down all and everything that comes to mind.  Whatever is circulating up in your head, write it down now sort of like a brain dump get everything out of your mind.  All your thoughts and write it down and you could continue writing until you have filled up three pages.  Just get everything out of your head and down onto paper.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for day 15 of the challenge.  Thank you for joining me today.  Tomorrow will be the beginning of week three of our meditation challenge.  During week three we will be exploring the body scan meditations.

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Positive Affirmations For Setting Intentions & Values | Alice Letts, Insight Timer

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  1. This is inspiration thought, you have put a lots of thinking into this, well done so so proud of you my


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