Day 13 – Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Today is day 13 of our 90 day challenge,and this week we’ve been working on positive affirmations. I’d like to just begin today by doing a short meditation. It’s going to be a focussed awareness meditation. So let’s begin.


If you’d like to just find somewhere that’s comfortable to you, just gently move around, loosen your shoulders. You may sit down or lie down – whatever’s best for you right now. If you like you may close your eyes as well. Now take a deep breath in, and out. We’re going to count down from five down to one. Five, breathe in calm, breathe out peace. Four, breath in calm, breathe out peace. Three, breathe in calm, breathe out peace. Two, breathe in calm, breathe out peace. One breathe in calm, breathe out peace.

You may take this time, to return to your normal breath. And as you’re taking deep breaths in and deep breaths out, focus your attention towards what is your highest intention for today. What is is important for you to do. And moving on with your day today and tonight and into tomorrow. So take this time now to set your intentions and then in your own time you may wiggle your feet with all your fingers wiggle your toes and then open your eyes. This now brings the meditation to a close.


So if you have some paper and pen handy, please write down three things that you’re grateful for. For me, I would say that I’m grateful to be in the countryside right now. I’m grateful to hear the birds. It’s lovely to hear and to see these birds, and even the sea gulls. The seagulls make me recall the sea, and oh how I wish I was by the sea now. But i’m not. However, I’m still grateful to be by some water. And grateful to see the trees, and grateful to see the birds.


No we will move onto positive affirmations. Please write down three positive affirmations for yourself on your paper. You may write these out repeatedly, over and over again, from one line onto the next – until you get to the end of your page. So write down some positive affirmations that are important to you. So for example you could write “I am exuberant”. “I am powerful”. “I am courageous”. “I am confident”. “I am brave”. So enjoy the rest of your day, and i look forward to seeing you tomorrow, which will be day 14 of the 90 day meditation challenge. Thank you, and goodbye.

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