Day 12 – Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Welcome back, and thank you for joining me today for another day in this 12 week challenge.  

We’re nearing the end of week two where we have been exploring positive affirmations.   In the book I shared with you yesterday called “Sura Flow”,  Sura states that positive affirmations can be healing.   I trust you are keeping well and have found some value to listening to the guided positive affirmations over the last few days. 

By now you will be able to identify those niggling default judgments that sprung up, or as Julia Cameron calls them, “blurts”.  And you will be able to see them for what they are and turn the situation around by creating your own positive affirmations.  As Sura Dahn Kim says in her book called “Sura Flow”, affirmations can be healing. 

Last week we did some focused awareness meditations.  And by now you’ll be able to confidently create a guided meditation for yourself.  Today we will practise what we learnt last week, by taking the time out for a short “focussed awareness” meditation. Perhaps counting down from 1 to 1 and saying “breathe in peace, breathe out calm”.   

So let’s do a guided meditation now.  We’ll do a short one counting back from three to one i’m going to say breathe in calm  and breathe out peace.

If you like, you may close your eyes, and let’s begin.  Three, breathe in calm, breathe out peace.  Two, breathe in calm, breathe out peace.  One breathe in calm, breathe out peace.  And as we go into our day, we will take this opportunity now to set our  intentions for the rest of the day, moving into the night and beyond to tomorrow.  This now brings our meditation to a close.  

Now if you have time now, take this opportunity to get a pen paper and write down three things that you are grateful for.  This could be something that might have happened today or yesterday or this week.  And you may explain the reasons why you’ve made those choices.  Or you may simply just open your eyes now and  look around you.  Is there anything that you like the look of?  Is there anything that you admire from Mother Earth?  For example, I am sitting here in a field of bluebells, so I would say that I’m grateful for the beautiful bluebells.  I’m grateful for the shelter from the sun, and for the trees.  

Next, you may want to list three positive affirmations for yourself.   What are three things that you want to affirm for yourself?   And if you have some pen and paper, write them down now.  

Thank you for joining me today, and I look forward to you joining me tomorrow for Day 13.  In the meantime, keep well and keep safe.

Free audio meditations:-

Positive Affirmations For Setting Intentions & Values | Alice Letts, Insight Timer

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One thought on “Day 12 – Positive Affirmations

  1. So soooooo wonderful to read this, it gave me PEACE and looking forward to a new day, new beginning. Keep up the good work and well done. 😃😃


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