Day 1 – Focussed Awareness Meditation

Welcome to week one of this 12 week meditation challenge:

  • This week you will be learning how to create your very own meditation – the focus awareness meditation.
  • Be sure to log into your course now to watch today’s video:- Course Login.
  • You will see that this meditation is simple, and easy to do. All you need to do is to count backwards, eg. from 15 down to 1.
  • You will repeat the same words over and over again.
  • For example “Breathe in ………….., breathe out …………….”.The example I use in today’s video training is “Breathe in calm, breathe out peace”.
  • But you could subsitute the words “calm”, and “peace”, with any words of your choosing.
  • Just remember to use words that are uplifting and inspiring, and otherwise positive in some way. Something that is aspirational and cheerful.
  • Be sure to download your PDF worksheet for Week 1 – Focussed Awareness Meditations, by clicking here.

Free Audio Meditations:-

Focussed Awareness Meditation

Focused Awareness | Alice Letts, Insight Timer

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