Guided meditation for centering

Guided Meditation

Welcome, and thank you for joining me.  My name is Alice and I will be guiding you in this meditation for Grounding and Golden Sun Meditation.  You will benefit from re-gaining a feeling of grounding centering.  

In this mediation we will start with deep breathing for relaxation.  Then we move into a guided meditation to feel centred and grounded.  The Grounding meditation to let go of fears and anxieties.  Concluding with golden suns meditation to welcome in the warmth of the sunshine filling us up with positivity energy and abundance.

This meditation is suitable for everyone, including beginners.  You will benefit because when you slow down your breath it sends a message to your brain to slow down and relax. 

This meditation contains guided visualisation including a tree, tree roots, river stream, and the sun.  It lasts approx 11 mins.

Find somewhere comfortable

We will begin with rounds of breathing,  gentle breathing and deep belly breathes.  And then we will move into our guided meditation.  We’re going to breathe in a slow and relaxed manner, and we will begin now.  So take an inhale and as as you are focusing on your breath just adjust yourself where you are right now.  Make sure you are somewhere that is comfortable for you, and free from distraction.  It could be that you are lying down because you’re so tired?  Or perhaps you just need to be resting and if it is first thing in the morning , maybe you are listening to this guided meditation while you are still lying in bed?   Or maybe you’re up and you’re now sitting up straight in a chair or on a cushion?  Or if you’re really eager you could be outside taking a walk in the countryside?  Wherever you are just make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and that you are comfortable exactly as you are right now.

The meditation should take roughly nine to eleven minutes so if you are sitting down or lying down, then you may turn your attention inwards and close your eyes –  that is assuming you’re not outside taking a walk, in which case, then definitely keep your eyes open!

Breathing for relaxation

We will begin our meditation now.  Now we’re going to take some deep breaths in.  So inhale, breathe in.  One two, three four, hold your breath, and then exhale breathing out, four three, two, one and pause into stillness, and return to your natural breath.  Become aware of your natural breathing, and find stillness between each in-breath and each out-breath again.  We’re going to inhale breathing in.  We’re going to count from five down to one as we count, we’ll breathe in peace, and breathe out calm.  Let’s begin.  Number  five, breathe in peace breathe out calm.  Four breathe in peace, breathe out calm.  Three breathe in peace, breathe out calm.  Two, breathe in peace, breathe out calm.  One, breathe in peace, breathe out calm.  Zero, breathe in peace, breathe out calm.  Now return to your natural breath now.  

Grounding Meditation

Now bring your attention from your stomach back up to your chest.  Move your attention from your heart, up to your shoulders.  Now bring your attention to your back and move down to your tailbone.  We are going to use our imagination now.  We will imagine that we have a big grounding cord that is connecting us from our tailbone right down into the ground.  This grounding cord is very thick and very strong.  So that whatever life may throw at us, whether it be a bit of wind or a hurricane, then we will weather and withstand it.  

Imagine that we are a large sturdy tree.  Perhaps a big tree like a willow tree?  We’re standing outside, planted to the ground, and we have our roots, like our grounding cord.  Our roots are going deep down into the air, if we have wind so strong, and severe storms, we may be wavering?  But because of our thick grounding cord, we stay firm and we do not fall over now in the raging storm.  

We’re going to use our grounding cord to flush out everything that we no longer need.  As if we’re flushing out toxins from our body.  We’re going to gather up all of the fear, and all of the pain.  All of the frustrations and worries.    All anxiety and fear that we’ve experienced throughout our entire lifetime and all of the worries that we are projecting into the future.  We’re going to gather them in, and then we’re going to send them all down through our grounding cord.  They are all going to be flushed out of our body.  They will go down our grounding cord, and they’ll keep going all the way down, through the earth, until they reach the very center of the earth.

Take the time now to pause, and take a deep breath in, a very deep breath, and out a deep breath, in and a deep breath, out.  A deep breath in and a deep breath, out.  And now that we have flushed all of this negativity down into the center of the earth, this has disappeared from us.  Because when they reached the center of the earth it was flushed out into the molten lava and has completely disappeared and now we’re left feeling rejuvenated.

Golden Suns Meditation

Now imagine that we are a tree, and we are outside.  It is a beautiful day right now.  There is a beautiful blue sky, and we’ve got the lovely golden sun up above.  So just bring your hands towards your shoulders and carry on up until your hands are pointing towards the sky.  Now place your hands together over your head, in a curved formation.  This now becomes your crown.  Your hands that are hovering above your head, so that your fingertips meet from each hand, now becomes your golden throne.  It is your golden crown.  And we are now using our golden crown to accept willingly the warmth and the positivity from the golden sun.  This golden sun is beaming down onto us and we are taking in all that vitamin D, and all of the warmth from the sun is now flushing over our entire body.  It is filling us up with good things.  It is filling us up with joy and peace.  We are filled with peace, filled with love and faith.  And it’s now circulating through our entire body – from every single cell in our body.  We are now feeling warm, peaceful and content.  And with this positive energy we are now ready to move on.  We’re ready to enjoy this moment.  And picturing yourself as a tree, you can be any sort of tree that you like, I’m going to suggest a willow tree, then you could be standing on the banks of a river.   Now with our grounding cord we’re now going to use this grounding cord, like roots from our tree.   Our roots are digging down into the ground.  And our roots are finding the source of water that’s running underneath the top of the earth.  And we’re going to use our roots to soak up and to drink up all the water that is found under the earth.  All of the goodness from the air we are now blessing our body, filling our body with a goodness of water and the warmth of the sunshine.  And we are now ready to take this into our day through into the night. 

As we close ….

Let’s take a deep breath in and a deep breath out another deep breath in and a deep breath out now in your own time feel free to wiggle your toes and your fingers.  

And if you are sitting or lying down then you can take this time now to gently open your eyes and become aware of your surroundings again.

Your guided meditation is now complete and you can take this with you throughout your day and into your night.  Namaste, please and blessings.

Thank you for joining me for this guided meditation.

2020 © Copyright Alice Letts.  All Rights Reserved.

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