Vlog – Well being & Florence Nightingale

Hi it’s me again now, and I’ve recorded another vlog. I was doing some decluttering today and I managed to find a magazine from Spring 2020 by Derbyshire Now, and noticed they have some interesting articles.

1 – a reference to a website which looks interesting called http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/wellbeing

2 – developments in the spa town of Buxton in Derbyshire.  Buxton Crescent, the listed buildings to be revamped and turned into luxury spa resort with luxury rooms, restaurant, spas, thermal pool, salt pools.

3 – Some interesting facts on Florence Nightingale who spent time in Holloway Hills and Whatsandwell, in Derbyshire. She was named after the place she was born in Italy in 1820, namely, Florence.

And I found a March issue of Touch, with daily readings.  And one of these caught my attention, the one talking about hope.  It referred to Psalms.  So I grabbed my copy of the bible and read the first few verses in the book of Psalms.  What caught my attention was that it referred to mediating day and night.  And this, meditating, is something that is rather foreign to me.  However I have recently got into meditating and have found it so helpful.  In particular I have been enjoying the mediations from the Pandey Integrated Healthcare, Marisa Peer and Soul Flow.  Today I finished day 12 of the 21 day meditation challenge that I am currently undertaking, run by Sura Flow.  If you want to see details on the meditation challenge the link is:-


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