Day 11 of my new routine

Welcome to Day 11 of my 21 day challenge to establish a new daily routine of meditation, exercise and learning.  Today, I am just feeling so tired so I decided to just have a rest on the couch.  I am not sitting up like I normally would while I listen to the mediation.  I am just going to lie my head back and ease myself into the day.  I’ve got my apple cider vinegar and my water.  

Yesterday flew, and I didn’t manage to go for walk until the early evening.  By the time I got home …it was only a very short walk … I didn’t want to go but I thought well, it would be two days now not going of house for fresh air, which is not good.  So I have to force myself to go.  Which is not good.  When I got home, last night, I don’t know, but it was like I was instantly ready for bed.  I was just so tired, I could hardly move, my eyes were closing on me, so I just had to turn everything off and go straight to bed.  But the wonderful thing that came out of that is that I certainly had the longest sleep that I had had in a very long time.  Because I was clearly asleep well before midnight, and I slept all the way through to this morning when my second alarm went at 9am.  I didn’t even hear my first alarm of 6am.  But then I couldn’t quite get up.  So I turned that off and went back to sleep again.  And finally I am up.  So this new routine of mine is a good way to help me ease myself into the day.  And I am going to listen to the mediation now.  I will put it on.  

The meditation I am going to watch today is a guided meditation by Marisa Peer, called you are enough.  The youtube link is

Marisa explains the difference between success is understanding these three things.  What you think, what you believe and what you do.

I have since found some meditations new to me, from Sura Flow.  I also did a second meditation today, this time with Sura Flow on affirmations and the power of self talk.  The YouTube link is

At 8.21 minutes into the video we are encouraged to start to focus in a proactive way the thoughts that we want to have.

And I was delighted to learn that Sura Flow is offering a free 21 day mediation challenge.  This was very timely for me, exactly what I need right now to help me with establishing my new habit of doing daily meditations.  If you are interested in the mediation challenge too, the link to register is here –

For my exercise today I took a very short walk in the evening.

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