Day 9 of my new morning routine

Good morning. Hi, it is now day 9.  I was late to bed last night which is probably my excuse for not waking up earlier today’s, but it is still morning.  And it is good to know what what do, to have a routine.  I had about 5 hours sleep last night which is not bad, but my eyes feel unusually sore.  But I do have my glass of water with apple I cider vinegar.  It is lovely and sunny outside so for my exercise I am already planning now to go out for a short walk.  It will be good to clear the cobwebs.


I’ve got a video here to do my meditation.  The one I’ve chosen today is by Marisa Peer. A guided meditation for overcoming anxiety.  The link is

Whatever you focus on you get more of

We make our habits, our habits make us.”


I’ve started using the new mango cutter I bought from my online Avon shop to slice mangos in one swift move, and it really is amazing how fast it is!  I also discovered that I can save the pip and place it into a jug water to keep in the fridge. It then provides me with mango fragrant water whenever I get thirsty, such a treat.

And I’ve also enjoyed some videos on vegan cooking too.

  1. Pick up limes Youtube video on vegan meal prep –
  2. Time saving meal hacks, by Heathnut Nutrition – and
  3. Meal prep on a budget by Pick up limes –
  4. Meal prep for winter by Downshiftology –

Having been inspired by the meal prepping videos I watched, I decided to give it a go. And I started by slicing my red cabbage to keep in plastic container in the fridge. And i did the same with my carrots too.  I also washed out and recycled an old marmite mini jar to use as storage for my turmeric powder.  And I used another old jam jar, to store a mixture I made of chia seeds, sliced almond, flaxseed and pumpkin seeds, so I can easily pour this onto my yoghurt whenever I want a quick breakfast or dessert.


With regret, the day came and went and I didn’t go out for a walk as planned.  No exercise for me today, as I felt suddenly tired after brunch, so I went to bed and fell asleep. I had terrible aching muscles. Got up in the evening after 8pm.   Thankfully my body wasn’t aching anymore so the afternoon nap must have done the trick.

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