Day 7 of my new morning routine

Thank you for joining me on what is day 7 of my 21 day challenge.  Today is a milestone because I have now finished one calendar week, of my challenge. I have completed one full week of my challenge. Meaning that I am now one third of my way through my challenge.

I was so excited yesterday because I managed to get up for 5am.  And I did my meditation with the livestream video at 6am.  But today I did get up with my alarm at 5.50am, and I came running through to the lounge, I looked at the couch, and I thought yes, I need to do my meditation.  But I just felt so awful, I went straight back to bed again. And I had a lovely sleep.  But will try again for tomorrow.  Will see what happens tomorrow, whether I can actually get up at 6am tomorrow.  But at least I am carrying on with my routine.  I have got my glass of water with apple cider vinegar.  


I am going to do a mediation today with Pandey Integrated Healthcare.  Today’s meditation video was focussed on the topic of “you are enough”, and your greatest strength is within you. I like the sound of that!  The YouTube video link is

At the first part of the video, Dr Pandey discusses mindfulness meditation and thoughts that arise.  I recommend you watch this video from Dr Pandey as it really is quite interesting his thoughts on mindfulness.  But if you want to just skip straight through to the mediation you will find it begins at 11.47 minutes into the video.  


Today I decided I should attempt to do some chores.  However it was more tiring than usual and by the time I had done some laundry, and a few dishes, I was wiped out.  I ended up sleeping most of the day away.  So regrettably there was no opportunity to go for a walk.


Today I investigated mindfulness for children.  I watched a TedX talk on Bite sized Meditation for kids – At 2.25 mins into this TedX talk, Kira Willey states the median age for people developing anxiety is 6 years of age.  And she explains this shows a need for early intervention and prevention.  If children are anxious they are not ready to learn.  The three elements of bite sized mindfulness are 1. Short. 2. Kid friendly. 3. Practised consistently.  Interestingly controlled breathing sends the brain a signal that all is well.  And it calms the nervous system and slows the body’s stress response. Take just one minute for breathing and your students will be calmer and your lesson will go smoother.  This no doubt will be very useful information to parents who are homeschooling right now.  

I did a quick search and found a few child friendly meditations below.

  1. Alpha breathes –
  2. Colours Song –
  3. Loving Kindness Meditation –
  4. Confidence meditation for kids –
  5. Mindful minute –
  6. Kids mindful games –
  7. Minions mindfulness classroom rules –
  8. Mindfulness for kids –
  9. Breathe meditation for kids –
  10. Guided meditation for kids –
  11. Yoga and mindfulness with guest Kira Willett –
  12. Just be –

At UCLA they have used dance and movement therapy to assess how children are feeling and to give the children coping mechanisms.  The youtube link is:- Through the use of movement they can take the children to a pretend place.  And help them move their bodies to release some of their frustrations or sadness or fear (see 2.10mins into video).  


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To watch today’s video, view it on today’s blog here:-

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One thought on “Day 7 of my new morning routine

  1. Congrats on completing your first week. They say things get easier as time goes by so if that’s true you’re on the right track. Enjoying reading your new morning routine.


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