Day 5 of my new morning routine

Well I am back again and today is day 5 of my challenge.   I have already drunk one glass of water. And here is my second glass of water, but I’m adding my apple cider vinegar to this glass.  And I’m going to start my day off today with a meditation. You will notice that I didn’t mention what the time was. That was deliberate.  If you recall my video from day 4, then you won’t be terribly surprised to learn that the time in fact was not much before 3pm. If there’s one thing I’ve been getting plenty of lately, it is sleep.  It appears that I have been making up for lost time!


For today’s meditation I chose one from the Pandey Institute, with Dr Vikas Pandey MD FRCS.  Today’s meditation was what the doctor calls a basic breathing meditation.

However before getting into the mediation, the doctor gives an interesting talk at the beginning. The meditation itself begins at 9.04mins into the video. Where we are asked to direct our attention to points of contact.  To points of contact on the chair. Points of contact on the floor. Points of contact between your hands. Your hands and legs. You can find this meditation video at this YouTube link

I have just finished doing this meditation, and I just realised it has really cheered me up and lifted my spirits.  And it makes me not feel so alone and lonely anymore. Having just finished this meditation I really do feel a whole lot better now compared to when I first woke up.  And I am filled with enthusiasm and optimism for the day ahead. That for me, is certainly a very good reason indeed, to dedicate the time to meditate first, before I do anything else.  It sets me up on the right foot, so to speak.

Learning something

In Dr Pandey’s meditation video referred to above, at 6.33mins into the video, the doctor suggests we forget about the stories, and instead choose to wake up in the mornings with a blank slate.  Choose to view the world through the prism of happiness, of love and beauty. Just try and wake up with these thought and feelings. There is no reason why you can’t. You are a blank sheet. Anything that corrupts that blank sheet, you’ve brought in with you from a previous day.  These are thoughts that have corrupted that blank sheet.  

At 8.24mins of the video, he says we have a choice.  We have a choice as to where we can direct our attention.  Your thoughts will still swirl around, but you can choose to direct them elsewhere.  

In another video I watched afterwards, I watched Karuna as she discussed yoga and meditation and healing.  And on the topic of meditation, Karuna said this at 3.37mins into her video which caught my attention. She said “meditation is the removal of ignorance”.  She said, it feels so good, for 10 minutes, I’ve removed the confusion from my mind, she returned to who she was for 10 minutes. And I must say I can relate to that.  Because that describes well exactly how I felt earlier today after I had completed my meditation from the Pandey healthcare. To see Karuna’s video, the YouTube link is At 7.13mins into the video, Karuna says that all these circumstances that have happened to you in life, have put fire underneath you.  Sometimes you didn’t even think you were going to make it. Karuna uses an analogy of a clump of dirt. She says then that the education comes, which is a great thing to have. We are not going to be in ignorance any more. And then ultimately you will begin to settle when you understand, and soak in the truth of your greater nature.  Through prayer, through meditation. Through spending time with people where you do feel safe. When we feel at ease, we settle into our normal state. Our natural state is simply our greater nature. And that is where this confusion comes down like sediment. And you begin to develop not only faith but the experience that you have. This is your meta-energy. Your unconditional love.  

In another video, Karuna talks about yoga and wellbeing.  The link to this YouTube video is

At 1.08mins into the video, Karuna explains the ancient teaching of yoga says we have five different bodies.  They are called, koshas. We have the physical body that we grew up with. We have our energetic body, which beats the heart, which makes our cells sparkle and light up.  We have the mental body, all the mental thoughts. We have the body of wisdom, which now frees up the mind a bit. It is more discerning, there is more spaciousness. There is more wisdom to shine through us.  And the fifth body is our natural state. And when we quiet and calm the mind, we can touch this bliss body, our natural state. And it is always there. It is always present and it is always filled with peace.  

At 4.37mins into the video, when you start to get healthier, and you start to observe.  You put the practise of mindfulness into place. You start to at last expand a bit. The reflection of truth back to you helps you to connect with a deeper part of you.  That puts you in touch with greater wisdom. That in turn follows this evolutionary flow. A contentment.  

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