Day 4 of my new daily routine

Welcome again, this is day 4 of my 21 day challenge.  I’ve got my water and my apple cider vinegar. And I’ve another confession.  It is actually the afternoon. I had a lovely long sleep in today, but I really needed it.  My alarm was set for 8am, but I just kept snoozing it and I fell asleep again. But at this stage, I think it’s more important that I get my sleep.  But, whatever time it is that I get up, I am still trying to get into a routine. Of having my water and apple cider vinegar. I did things a bit differently today.  I actually went onto the last part of the 20/20/20. Eg. 20 mins exercise, 20 mins meditation, 20 mins learning. I went straight into the 20 mins learning part. 

Learning something

I watched some videos from Marisa Peer on fat burning foods.  It was something I had already learnt before when I was experimenting with the Atkins diet.  About proteins. And eating food high in protein in order to lose fat. And eating vegetables with protein to burn fat.  And of course if you are already too skinny and you need to gain wait, then to eat lots of carbohydrates instead. Foods like pasta and bread and rice.  And if you have already lost weight but you are not too skinny. If you are the ideal weight and you want to stabilise your weight, then you mix both. So you have the carbohydrate with the protein.  And that keeps you where you are to maintain your current weight. So for me that obviously means I need to cut out the carbohydrates and eat more protein. So I will have to get some more eggs at some point.  The Youtube link to Marisa’s video on Fat burning foods is

Another interesting video from Marisa Peer was talking about the margarine that’s made from hydrogenated gas? Or something like that?  She pulled one out that she’d had for 15 years, left out in the garden, and none of the animals would eat it. The rats wouldn’t go near it. The bugs wouldn’t eat it.  So it appeared that only humans eat margarine. Not even mould would grow on it. And that is the sort of fat, that if you eat that margarine, it just gets stored in your bums and thighs because your body cannot get rid of it.   It just stays there. Marisa did says of course that you can get some good spreads, margarine substitutes that are made from soy beans, and you can also get spreads made from olives too. The Youtube link to this Marisa’s video on Get smaller thighs is

On a very different topic, I learnt some new information from a video by Kat Theo.  Kat has a video about potential new stream of income. It was fascinating, and I would like to hear from you if you have had any experience with that.  The website Kat is referring to is From that website it has the opportunity to audition to authors to read a script from their amazon book.  And if you get selected, your job then will be to spend however many hours are required to read aloud their book, so that the audio version of their book can be sold, whether that be for kindle, audible, iTunes, podcasts etc.  The ACX website is for audio books, to audition to read aloud ebooks. The option is to be paid by royalty or per hour. Kat does caution however that if a book has few reviews then the better option to choose to be paid per hour.  The YouTube link to Kat’s video is

Ever since my friend Eleonora bought me a book from Eckhart Tolle called the power of now, I have been following Eckhart’s teachings earnestly. I watched another video by Eckhart, this one was called Awakening through adversity. At 35mins into video, Eckhart talks about problematic thoughts that people cannot let go of, it absorbs almost every moment of their daily lives (34.48mins), it is like a mental energy field to take control of your mind, one thought, grows, replicates, it multiplies and grows into a life force of it’s own, obsessive thinking.  You are identified with it, everything you think is coloured by it. It becomes your reality. It is not uncommon at all. TheYoutube link to Eckhart’s video is 


For today’s meditation I followed one by Marisa Peer. It is called a powerful guided inner peace meditation, and the Youtube link is


Very short walk outside

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