Day 3 of my new routine

Well I made it to day 3 of my 21 day challenge. Trying to follow my new routine. And it already seems like this challenge has been going on forever already. And yet it’s only just begun! I had quite a rough day yesterday. I wasn’t able to do very much really. Because of difficulty breathing and just so so tired. So I am taking things easy today. I think I probably did too much on day 1.

So today, for my exercise I’ve chosen to do yoga. I’ve gone back to Melissa West’s videos. This one she has called neck and shoulder. It is a 10 minute beginner yoga session for the neck and should pain. The link for her YouTube video is <here>. So you can see it for yourself if you want to give it a go at home too.

I’ve got with me my water. I had one glass of water already, when I took my herbal tablets for my sinuses. And now I have got my glass of water with apple cider vinegar. Melissa is very likeable in her yoga videos, and I like her sense of humour. The yoga session was relaxing and a soothing way to start the day. The breathing exercises mixed into the yoga was helpful too. I liked the fact that I was able to simply lie down. It wasn’t strenuous like the Pilates class was that I did on day 1 of the challenge. In hindsight it was very foolish what I did on day 1 as I think I really did overdo it. I still find it difficult to accept that I cannot do all the things I used to do before I fell ill.

Once I had completed my yoga session, I then did a meditation session with Boho Beautiful. Actually I did two meditations but I’m sharing the link of the second meditation session as I preferred that one. It was called Guided morning meditation. The YouTube video link is <here>. It is a 10 minute meditation to start each day. I seem to have a lot of what is often termed ‘default thinking’, or ‘inner critic’, and that is what I found meditations and affirmations are helpful for, as it blocks out the negative thoughts otherwise there.

After a quick bite to eat I watched some more videos on YouTube to learn some new things and try to increase my emotional literacy. I went back to bed again however and had a good sleep. When I woke up again I managed to talk myself into going outside for a walk. But it was only paying lip service really as it wasn’t much more than 10 minutes down the road and 10 minutes back to the house again, I was home again well within half an hour. But it was just good to see a little bit of sunshine and I enjoyed seeing the flowers. It was good to get some fresh air and nice to have a change of scenery, rather than just the four walls of inside. All I seem to be doing right now is sleeping, getting up to eat, and sleeping again. So it is good to change that up with going for a short walk and then doing some meditations as well.

I very nearly didn’t go for a walk today. But my aunt’s voice came into my head, as I recalled a recent text message and phone call we had the other day, when she urged me to get outside and get some fresh air. Her text read “… plenty of good food and fresh air is what doctor Roz recommends…”. And my aunt leads by example, going out for a walk each day. She had a nasty fall the other day, onto concrete steps, but she didn’t let that stop her from going out for her daily walks. And being in her mid eighties, she is an absolute inspiration!

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