Spring Fayre

St Paul’s church hosted a spring fayee over the weekend and as it was a dull and overcast day it was the perfect opportunity to get out of the house for some fun and socialising.  And of course proceeds went to the fundraising efforts for the churches activities so all in a good cause.

It was a great line up with a musical concert from the Recorder club followed by a dance spectacular from the Spotlight Dance Company and lastly music and puppets from the acclaimed puppet masters!  

There were plenty of stalls too! The bargain plant stall.

There was the tombola for adults and children and a very fancy ticket machine!

Of course the face painting proved a huge hit with the children and long lines and surprisingly patient children. Impressed with how willing they were to queue.

The biscuit decorating table proved popular with the children too!

A local talented wood turner displayed his wood carved products.  The wooden pens looked perfect for Fathers Day gifts.

There was a book table too full of hidden treasures.

The raffle table with gourmet chocolates and even whisky had our mouths watering.

The bottle tombola was a hit with me as I went back again and again.  I liked the fact that whenever you bought a ticket you always won a prize. 

And of course I had my own table too with my aloe vera donating 30% of all purchases to the fundraising.

And lastly there was a “marbles” game to play.  

This is an annual event so if you can put some time aside be sure to come and join us next year!

Published by Alice Letts

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