Sunbathing rabbit

There are an abundance of crowing roosters, hens and other farm animals, dogs, cats and horses here in Cilento, Italy.

I saw these horses near the road side munching on the long grass.

The last few days I saw five horses come down to the sea where we were enjoying some sun and sea. We wondered if they had escaped their stables? They were peaceful enough and having the time of their life, but another half hour and their owners came to claim them back. The next day I learned that those five horses came from a riding school that backs onto the seaside. That next day the owners rode the horses back out to the beach with some tourists following close behind on the remaining horses. They road down to the end of the beach in Palinuro where the sand stops at the mouth of the river. The horse riders then travelled out into the sea in the fresh water current from the river. I heard a few screams of excitement that made me look up. One of the horses had appeared to lie down I the water and was frolicking and turning this way and that while the tourist was still on the horse, getting drenched by the looks of it! The horse soon must have cooled down as it did stand up again, much to the relief of the rider I’m sure! The young tourist looked in good spirits do she appeared to be unhurt. Now that’s an adrenaline rush for you adrenaline junkies out there!

There was a young man following the horse riders taking a video of their outing to the sea, and so I expect you might find a video clip of this on you tube if you do a search. He was part of the touring party and followed the horses back to their lodgings.

I regretted not having my camera with me then at the time as that would have made some great footage!


However I did have my camera the other day when I was walking back from the beach at Policastro. I was very surprised to catch sight of a sunbathing rabbit. Could that be right? I simply couldn’t believe my eyes, so I had to ask my companions if what I was seeing really was a rabbit? I had never seen one stretched out like that before. He looked so very cute indeed! I managed to take a quick photo of him before be got up and ran towards me! Now that was a lovely moment. I just wish I could have picked him up and cuddled him, he was so very cute as you can see from this picture.




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