Family fun day



As we walked through the park today I could not believe how many people there were. To say the place was crowded would be a wild under statement. I thought there must be every family with children from derby had decided to congregate at Markeaton Park. The children’s paddle pool was full of toddlers and the grass area alongside it was swarming with rugs, picnic baskets, chilli bins and families.

The playground areas were busy too, although that often was. There was a large bouncy castle too that was staring in the crowds.

The mini train that goes around the park was popular too.

I discovered later that the attraction to the Park was the fun fare. As we were leaving there was a queue of cars trying to get into the car park.

There were lots of smiles all round and lots of activity. So if you’re thinking of something to keep the children entertained during the holidays then this could be for you!?








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